Top 10 Tips... Only! Exclusive for Webisaba's advertisers

How to run a successful advertising campaign?

Webisaba Ltd. is an international digital advertising network of hundreds of publishers and advertisers. Specializing in the Arab world and delivering over 20 billion of impressions monthly.

Here is Top 10 Tips to ensure you're establishing most effective and successful advertising campaign

1. Consider the goal you want to achieve:
Carefully consider what you want to achieve through your advertising campaign, either if you want to grab attention or to sell your products online, etc.

2. Use previous learnings:
Using your previous learning and experience is one of the most important tips to get a successful advertising campaign, it's almost half way! Avoid previous mistakes and benefit from leveraging your strong points.

3. Look for a new and innovative advertising campaign:
The idea of the advertising campaign usually plays a big role in how much success, it will make profits, usually look and search outside the box, to bring up successful results.

4. Go After Your Target Audience:
Ask yourself what kind of customers you want to attract, and make sure your ads speak to them on a personal level.
Look for the right audience: For example, if you are, selling car accessories publish your campaign in the right websites specialized in buying/ selling cars, etc... An advertising campaign should be geared to your niche market. Please note: It is a common mistake to create generic ads that do not speak the language or grab the attention of your potential customers.

How can Webisaba's advertising formats fit your campaign?
Webisaba uses experience, out of the box thinkers, and planning!

Webisaba will provide you a hand-to-hand walk-through to understand your needs and targets. The Webisaba team will use previous learning of your advertising campaigns, and target demographics with in depth optimization that constantly increases your ROI.

5. Highlight Your Competitive Advantage:
Too many ads are clever, but fail to sell the specific benefits of the featured product or service. That’s why you should accentuate the pros of your company. Those factors that give you your competitive edge. Unless you highlight these benefits, your ad delivers no value to potential customers.

6. Establish an Image:
Establishing an image or a logo for your campaign counts when it comes to advertising and promoting your business. For example, you recognize the McDonald’s arches while whizzing by on the highway. Please note: Too many advertisers do not work to build a consistent image, and they’re missing the chance to make an impression on prospective customers.

7. Examine and expand to new markets:
Get exposed to new markets doesn’t mean to advertising your campaign to wrong audience or publishing your ads in wrong and unsuccessful networks. That’s why you have to examine first the networks where you are sharing.

8. Advertise in the Right Place:
Do some research about your target market to understand who they are and determine what they read, watch, and listen to, because your favorite magazine, radio station, or even television program might not be a favorite of your audience. Then advertise in the appropriate media to ensure that you reach your target market. In this case Examination plays a big role to define where and which networks and channels

9. Don’t Allow Your Budget to Run Your Advertising Campaign:
If you budget $1,000 per month for advertising, you’ve made it very easy from a bookkeeping perspective. However, if like most businesses you have seasonal highs and lows, you are spending too much money advertising during down times and not enough when you want to attract customers.

10. Monitor Your Advertising campaign:
It is very easy to ask new customers where they heard about you. As simple as this is, many entrepreneurs do not bother to do so. It is advantageous to understand which elements of your ads are most effective and which media offers the most profitable advertising opportunities for your company.

Webisaba's experienced staff is here for you around the clock, to answer all your requests, helping you in Highlighting your Competitive Advantage, Examining your advertising and expand them to new markets.

Webisaba will give you the opportunity to publish your advertising campaign in the right place, will advise you with the suitable budget depending on the seasonal highs and lows.