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9 Reasons why online video advertising kicks TV's butt

What is Webisaba InPage?

It's a video ad format inserted in the middle of articles. It plays only once visible enough on the user screen and pauses when the user can’t see it on screen

How it works?

  • The Video ad will be placed in the middle of articles ( 2 paragraphs below the fold )
  • It plays automatically when half of the creative is in view and pauses if the user scrolls past it then plays again when it comes into view
  • Video disappears after completion
  • User-initiated sound – when user scrolls down to the ad unit
Start Monetizing!

9 Advantages of using Webisaba InPage advertising

  1. Fully compatible for both Mobile and Desktop.
  2. Self-expanding video player
  3. Reaching the right audience
  4. User Friendly
  5. Very high Click Rate and more impactful brand encounter
  6. Worldwide demand, Arab Market Oriented
  7. Targeting techniques: Contextual- Audience-­ Social
  8. Performance
  9. Control of ad engagement, offering an optimal navigation experience


  • Webisaba is the right place to enjoy a "One-Stop-Shop" for your Online Video Advertising needs giving you the needed services to achieve your goals and to integrate video into your website.
  • Upgrade from textual to video content and improve the user experience.
  • A vast library of video content VOD available for you in one click.
  • We operate on all major platforms for Video such as Live Rail, AOL, SpotXchange and Bright Roll.

  • Author: Webisala LTD