3 Billion $ Mobile Marketing Opportunity.

3 Billion $ Mobile Marketing Opportunity. Why You Can't Afford To Wait.

The latest IAB/PwC adspend figures for H1 2015 has been released growth of digital adspend shows no sign of fatigue and why should it?

Hitting just under £4bn in the first half of 2015, total H1 digital adspend has grown 13.4% year-on-year.

  • Paid for search taking the majority of spend with £2.07bn spent with a 8.4% increase.
  • Display advertising increased 27.5% during the period, to £1.31bn.
  • Social media spend rose 51% to £574 million.
  • Budget spent on native increase 50% to hit £574million

Should we be shocked?

No. As consumers continue to spend more time on connected devices agencies and advertisers are justifiably continuing to commit budget to a medium to gain the best combination of brand awareness, targeting and insight with boundless scale.

Continued focus to invest in growth

Display and mobile will take the headlines but overall it is a clear message to the industry to relentlessly continue to focus on pushing the boundaries, flexibility and reach of digital – rather than any growth challenges such as ad blocking.

In this period of growth, with digital advertising growing exponentially and ad spend shifting from traditional media, it is important to remember the world where tomorrow will not be the same as today and what was done yesterday is already out-dated. Within a period of continuous growth it isn't the time to rest, cost cut or get complacent, digital is not just a “plan and buy” scenario.

Those who will continue to lead growth are continuing to invest in the best agencies to direct and manage it, the best brand managers possible alongside cutting-edge technology.

Chris Bishop, Founder & CEO, 7thingsmedia

Link to the IAB/PwC Adspend H1 2015 results - http://www.iabuk.net/about/press/archive/uk-digital-display-advertising-revenues-rise-275

By: Chris Bishop