Content Marketing

Learn more what is Content Marketing, and when did it start?

First of all content marketing isn’t new as most of us think, its actually one of the oldest advertising methods used, even before the TV or Radio advertising.

Content marketing was first found and used by the year of 1895 by John Deere who launched a customer magazine called The Furrow, the way it used advertising was brilliant and genius, he used "content articles" and inside the content itself he implemented names of markets to find tools at to buy with pricing , and so on, that’s how they make a "hidden advertisement" as a way of content marketing.

Content marketing evolved over the time, to also be used on TV's, Radios and in our time its mostly used through the Internet.

But why do we use content marketing and why is it evolving if we can use direct advertising?
In our current time, people get PVR in order to skip ads in the TV shows, they are used to banners now, and most of people actually ignore them which made banners less effective.

In the last research that the CMI did, they found that the effectivity of the content marketing gets about +60% success rate of ROI, which counts as one of the highest rates.

What people are doing now is moving for the content marketing by trying to implement content related the "product" they want to sponsor.

At Webisaba, we use content marketing, as a potential and successful way to influence audience all over the world.

We created the new Recommendation Tool, which implements contents from other sites, and publish them on other sites to create what we call: visitors exchange "market" built over contents, also in the same time adding advertises in a content page-like.

We believe now is the best time to get involved in this evolving market, people who are most benefited are the people who see the opportunity and seize it from the beginning.

Webisaba entered this race of Content Marketing as leaders in the Arab content market, and all is left to do is joining us and our hundreds of fellow publishers reaching our unified Goal, and staying there at the top.

Author: Tarek Fatah
Media Buyer at Webisaba LTD